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Perhaps I am not familiar with the passage that clearly describes man walking amongst dinosaurs.Matt USA About 6,000 years old if you add up the ages given in the genealogies in the Bible from Adam to Christ and factor in certain other timeframes given in the Bible (and of course, add in the five days prior to Adam (since he was made on Day 6)). Trying to determine the age of something gets into what we call “historical” science.Past events cannot be repeated as per scientific methodology.

The method estimates a fossil’s age relative to the known age of deposits of sediment in which it was found. Dinosaur bones have been dated, based on the half life of certain elements, at millions of years.I would think that a creature of such threat to life and sheer size would be mentioned, at least in passing.There truly is overwhelming evidence for the case for Christ and creation. As Christians, we look at this same evidence: dinosaurs and the depth at which their bones are buried.The idea of understanding genesis to better understand who Christ was and what He accomplished has opened new doors for deep revelation. Then we look at the biblical explanation of the geologic layers (image taken from Time for an Upgrade? Most of those fossils were probably formed in the early stages of the Flood, which occurred around 4,500 years ago.

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