Dating an aries what to expect

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But remember, just because HE's always down for whatever doesn't mean you'll me the same way, so keeping that open line of communication between you two is key to keeping things fresh AND comfortable.

READ: What You NEED To Do This Summer (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)2. OK, so Aries men tend to be a bit more on the egotistical side, so when they are doing something right, they really like to hear about it.

When they love, they are in it for the LONG haul (if you're the right partner, that is). So that means longer hours, sometimes lots of stress about doing well and definitely something he's always thinking about. These guys are up for anything (and will want you to come along with them for the ride).9. So all this passion can be exhausting for anyone (yeah, you too), so these guys (like many guys of ALL signs) really just need some space to think, decompress, and gather themselves again. So take that time away from him to decompress yourself, that way you're ready to dive head first into loving him with just as much love as he gives back.10. And lastly — especially if they aren't getting that decompression time discussed above — you have to know that patience is JUST not something Aries men have.

And even if you weren’t he’ll approach you anyway with the confidence of a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it.

Once he starts talking you’ll discover his quick wit and flirtatious banter, and if you can play in his mind games he’ll ask you for a date.

And don’t expect to take the reins from him when it comes to planning more dates, unless you have an idea that tops one of his.

Also, prepare yourself for the events to get more intense; don’t be surprised if the Aries man mentions sky-diving or something equally thrilling. As long as you’re fine with him going off with his buddies instead he’ll have no problem leaving you behind.

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