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Next he trimmed the bushy hair covering her sex into a neat little landing strip. He grew it out half way down her back and changed the color from mousy brown to bright yellow.

Seeing her sex, he thought it much too small and enlarging it, doubling its size and sensitivity. Considering her face for a moment, he straightened her nose and filled out her lips. He was pleased with the results and was a little ahead of schedule.

When she reminded him that she was on her lunch break, he told her that he would take care of that and not to worry. " Tossing her purse and book on her bed she said, "Yes, where do we start? Her head dropped forward like a stone and she was sound asleep, still frozen in place.

She hesitated for a few seconds, fearful of losing her job, but when she finally agreed, the funny little man waved his arms wildly and the next thing she knew she was standing in the middle of her dingy cluttered bedroom with the funny little man seated cross legged floating in the air in front of her. " "Well, we begin by seeing what I have to work with," and he snapped his fingers. " The funny little man said hovering around her, looking high and low, and making notes on a notepad. "Where to begin," the funny little man asked aloud.

He smiled at her and she felt compelled to return the smile. Crystal had always been a little naïve, and didn't understand what the funny little man meant by "a complete makeover", the truth was that she had always been far too trusting of people.

As she continued to look him over she noticed that his clothing appeared to be made from a shiny material she'd never seen before, yet it looked oddly familiar, like something from a fairy tale. "I hope you will forgive the intrusion, I know how much you enjoy your lunch and romance novels." Crystal was taken back and asked, "How do you know what I like? And unknown to her, although the funny little man had the best of intentions, he had a tendency to go a little bit overboard.

When Crystal Harper thinks about her life she wanted to cry.

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Although business was slowly picking up, as the economy continued recovering, the company continued to maintain as small a clerical staff as possible.Suddenly, Crystal found herself standing completely naked with her legs slightly spread and her arms held out parallel to the floor, like she was half way through a "jumping jack". As he circled her several times, he stopped and hovered just a foot in front of her.He decided to begin with the obvious; she was as flat chested as a preteenager boy, so he would commence by increasing the size of breasts.She thought the floor wasn't the where it was supposed to be.When she looked down at her feet, all she could see were two gigantic tits.

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