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A life where you've built a successful and profitable business that generates income passively.Niche Hacks helps every day people find their perfect online business idea and win back their freedom, even if they don't have any business experience.We're a team of niche site owners, affiliate marketers, digital product creators, freelance writers, online business owners and location independent marketers.We are all about helping you to build long term, evergreen, sustainable niche businesses that will earn you money today AND in years to come. There are no easy roads to success so please be realistic that this will take time and investment on your part. Stuart Walker (head of the blog and top affiliate and email marketer) Nader Qudimat (virtual assistant and secretary of all things awesome) James Johnson (freelance blogger and writer) Chelsea Baldwin (copywriter and freelance writer) Jawad Khan (freelance writer and adviser to leading start ups and tech companies) Between us we run (or have in the past) sites ranging in niches such as dating, bodybuilding, survival, personal finance, kitchen gadgets, online marketing and more.We prefer to be realistic with you than give you false hope of overnight internet riches. Before we became online entrepreneurs, some members of the team have been CMO for national corporations Others have worked as advisers for some of the top websites in the world including And others as affiliate managers for big name brands.

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